A Gentleman’s Position – by K.J. Charles

A Gentleman's Position

4.5 Stars
This m-m romance was filled with well-developed primary and secondary characters and had a strong political background. The first section started a little slow for me, as it introduced the slow burn between David and Richard, and I found myself wishing for some drama. My wish was soon granted, and drama, nefarious plots, and hot scenes began to erupt.
The conflict between the two main characters was sustained believably and resolved in a way that made sense. I also liked seeing how Richard grew and changed over the course of the story.

I had read the first in this series (A Fashionable Indulgence) but missed the second (A Seditious Affair); I’ll be circling back to catch that one next.
I really hope Ms. Charles takes the time to write a bit about Will Quex and Jon Shakespeare soon, though, because those two secondary characters have captured my imagination! I won’t give spoilers but Will’s story is one I really want to read in full.

This definitely goes on the reread list along with the rest of my K.J. Charles collection.

(Disclaimer: I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.)

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