About Me!

8_V1zsipHi, I’m Stacey.

I’ve been reading everything I could get my hands on for as long as I can remember. In preschool they had to assign an extra teacher on library field trip days who would take me off into the chapter books section. In sixth grade I read Gone With the Wind, which impressed my peers as it was the thickest book any of them had ever seen. I also read lots of my mom’s romance novels, which began my life-long love affair with the genre.

As an adult, I read primarily from these genres: romance (historical, contemporary, erotic), fantasy/sci-fi, historical non-fiction, and travel (think Bill Bryson). Specifically, I like romance novels with scenery-chewing alpha/gamma heroes and heroines who are smart, quirky, and strong – with the exception of their weakness for the aforementioned hero. I like unusual settings that are well-researched and love to see standard tropes or tired plots turned on end. More than anything, though, I like a happy ending. I returned to romance as a reader during a stressful time in my professional life, and now I find that the comfort of knowing “it will all work out” makes the ups and downs of each book that much better.

I’ll read just about anything, though, if the material is compelling and the first 50 pages keep my interest. The best thing I’ve learned as an adult is how to put a book down if I’m not enjoying it!

When not reading, I work for a performing arts nonprofit as a database manager and sing in the Santa Barbara Master Chorale. I watch my friends ride dressage. I drive my teenage daughter to play rehearsals and bass lessons. And I keep my eyes and ears open for new things to read!