A Viking for the Viscountess by Michelle Willingham

2 disappointed wasted-time stars.

I am saddened that I actually finished this. I’d promised myself not to waste time reading less-than-three-star books, when I have such a big TBR pile. And yet, I kept turning the page, hoping this pile of plot would redeem itself. Alas, no. It had neither the panache nor the crazysauce to earn even three stars.
The hero slid so easily into 19th-century England, aside from his brawny Viking desire to go around beating people up for looking cross-eyed at his lady love. And the people whose lives he slid into? Not a single one had trouble believing he was a time traveler! Wow!
Add to that the insta-attraction he and the heroine (sorry, I’ve already forgotten her name, it’s been 3 days) had for each other, and, well, I’m not actually sure why 2 stars. Oh yeah – because the book was well written in terms of actual English grammar, and that counts for something these days! But for Pete’s sake, please have some beta readers who are not your friends, or get a viciously skeptical editor, or something. This story had potential and instead just made me mad.