Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran

I’ve been reading my way through this series over the past week-plus. I had read Fool Me Twice three years ago but not picked up any of the others, for some reason. This time I started at the beginning, with Michael and Elizabeth’s story in That Scandalous Summer. It really added depth to Fool Me Twice (though that book works as a standalone too!) to see its characters through others’ eyes.

Moving on to Lady Be Good – I really liked this one, though I found it a little uneven. I think that having more detail about Christian’s background with his Russian nemesis would have strengthened the occasionally-outlandish revenge plot. Christian and Lilah were a lovely pairing, and I enjoyed Lilah’s resourcefulness. Bonus points for her being a self-rescuing heroine!

In the next, Luck Be A Lady, we get Lilah’s uncle Nick – who was really quite a negative character in Lady Be Good – paired with Catherine Everleigh, the Ice Queen. Nick is one of my favorite types of characters – the bad boy with a heart of gold – but I had a hard time reconciling some of his actions in the previous book with the wonderful man he was portrayed as here. Catherine’s character verged on caricature – a little too far into the shy/fearful/cold and with not enough real motivation. All that said I really loved the story and in the second half, the characters did a wonderful job of pushing each other through their fears and into growth.

Now I’m reading A Lady’s Code of Misconduct. I’ll let you know soon what I think!