Trade Me by Courtney Milan

I rarely read contemporary romances and I never ever read “new adult” (WTF is that, anyway?). But all that aside, I will be reading this series eagerly if the next two are even half as good as this book.

Things I liked:
– Blake was not perfect
– the Bay Area setting was well drawn
– Tina’s family did not end up being total caricatures as Asian families sometimes do

Things I LOVED:
– the prickly love that develops between Blake and Tina
– Maria, Maria, Maria (googly heart eyes for Maria)
– Blake’s problem, which my college bf had too; it was realistically and sensitively portrayed
– the plain speaking about the working poor, of which I’ve been a member

Could be improved:
– the end required a little suspension (okay, a lot) of disbelief. But hey, that’s why we read romance.